BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
experimentalFL-1505: unmask binutils-2.24-r3 againOleg Vinichenko3 weeks
masterMerge branch 'master' of Vinichenko114 min.
multilibMerge branch 'master' of into multilibDaniel Robbins5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
114 min.Merge branch 'master' of Vinichenko
119 min.FL-1767: bluez updateOleg Vinichenko
10 hoursDon't merge our toolchain overlay - it is now merging with gentoo.Daniel Robbins
29 hoursFL-1803: fix profile copying. Can't use two identical keys when using a dict.Daniel Robbins
29 hoursFL-1803: fix pathsDaniel Robbins
29 hoursMerge branch 'master' of Robbins
29 hoursFL-1803: moving to a profile-based experimental tree, so two trees are not ne...Daniel Robbins
30 hoursFL-1803: consolidate toolchain in funtoo-toolchain-overlayDaniel Robbins
30 hoursMerge branch 'master' of Vinichenko
31 hoursFL-1805: enable json USE in syslog-ng for correct workOleg Vinichenko